Max Bet in slot machines of different types

Max Bet

Each slot machine accepts bets of different sizes. Max Bet on is the maximum possible bet in a particular slot. It is carried out using the button of the same name, which automatically selects the maximum number of coins allowed for the selected game. In different types of online machines, the maximum rate has its own characteristics and is not always appropriate.

Max Bet

Max Bet in the classic one-armed bandits

It is not necessary to place the maximum bet in 3-reel slot machines, but it is often profitable. In many slot machines, the same combination can bring different payouts, the size of which depends on the amount of the bet.

For example, one coin will bring up to 1,000 credits, two coins will give up to 2,000 credits, and three coins will increase the account by 5,000 credits. In such cases, it is more profitable to make a Max Bet, since you can get an increased payout. A big difference in the amount of winnings will be felt when the most valuable prize sequence appears.

Some classic slots have a Buy-A-Pay function, according to which players can place a bet from one to five coins and get a prize depending on the size of the bet for only one combination.

These machines have two or three separate pay tables corresponding to a certain number of coins. The largest rewards are awarded only at the maximum rate. There are also video slots in which the winnings are directly proportional to the bet.

Max Bet on progressive jackpot video slots

The accumulative jackpot is based on the principle of deducting a small amount from each bet made to the total prize pool. To hit the jackpot, you need to collect a certain combination of symbols.

To participate in the drawing of the main jackpot, the maximum bet is required, since small bets do not guarantee the receipt of the entire winnings. For example, the Bell Of Fortune slot machine from Play’N GO provides three levels of bets.

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By placing bets of the first level, you can win up to 800 coins, the second level – up to 1,600 coins, and the third level – the jackpot. If you do not Max Bet and collect the required string of characters, you will only receive a fixed jackpot.

Max Bet in slots with bonus options

When deciding whether to place the maximum bet or not in slot machines with special symbols, a risk game, an additional round, multipliers, free spins and other bonus functions, always pay attention to the conditions of a particular game and the paytable.

In many video slots, you can win a large sum or hit the jackpot without Max Bet. Therefore, before choosing a bet and launching the reels of this type of slot machine, you need to carefully read the rules.

Maximum bet in multiline slots

Ao jogar slots com um grande número de linhas de pagamento (até 249), é aconselhável fazer o máximo de depósitos. Na maioria dos casos, cada moeda adicional usa uma pista adicional. Os maiores pagamentos estão disponíveis apenas em algumas linhas, que abrem apenas ao jogar no Max Bet.

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