Autoplay in casino: features and settings of automatic spins

Autoplay in casino

Automatic mode is available in almost every slot machine. It allows you not to constantly press the button to start the n1 casino spins, but to set the required number of continuous spins of the reels. Various adjustable options and parameters are provided.

Autoplay in casino

Definition and types of autoplay

In automatic mode, the reels start independently without pressing a button by the user. The previously set number of lines and the size of the bet are used. The client is left to watch the backs on the screen or get busy. The function makes the gameplay more convenient.

Autoplay mode can be without additional settings. The player presses the corresponding button and scrolling starts immediately. The machines also have modes with additional parameters:

  • The number of spins. The client sets the number of scrolls. In the Flowers video slot, 10-1000 spins are set. They can stop prematurely if the account balance is insufficient.
  • Time and money limits. The conditions for stopping scrolling are set: a certain amount of winnings or losses, the game lasts 10 minutes or more. Such settings are provided by the Warlords – Crystals Of Power slot machine.
  • Accounting for bonuses. In most machines, the scrolling stops when the free spins round starts. Users prefer to be self-sufficient to enable free spins. In the Troll Hunters machine, this option can be adjusted.
  • Other parameters. The settings indicate one-time amounts of wins or losses for a temporary pause. Different options are selected to continue the game when starting the bonus rounds.

In automatic mode, it is impossible to play a risky double round.

Autoplay use cases

Autoplay in casino

Automatic reel scrolling allows you not only to distract from the gameplay. It is recommended to use them in such cases:

  • Tournaments. According to the terms of the tournaments, the client with the most spins or the amount of winnings in slots wins. The game will help you to succeed in sweepstakes with other users.
  • Wagering bonuses. Promotions from the club are won back several dozen times before withdrawal. With the help of autoplay, you can use them faster.
  • Mobile casino. On smartphones with a small display, it is difficult to press the start button every time.
  • Free mode. It is more convenient to study new video slots in automatic mode without risks.

Impact on results

Automatic play does not affect the final results. Each slot has a wagering requirement (RTP). It manifests itself over a long period of play and demonstrates the advantage of the casino. When the mode is activated, the process is accelerated, so the client acts at a loss (in theory).

Recommendations to users

Automatic scrolling does not contribute to getting gambling emotions. The procedure turns the game process into a routine and limits clients’ options: you cannot use betting systems, because the number of lines and the size of the bet do not change. The only exception is Elk Studios’ slot machines. They can use built-in strategies.

Autoplay is not recommended for gambling addicts. The reels start on their own, excluding the client’s responsibility for the beginning of a new round and possible loss. Those who like to take risks in the doubling stage will also not be suitable for this option.

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